How fingerprint sensor of iPhone 5S changes the security system

Fingerprint for iPhone is the much rumored topic in this year. Now Apple iPhone 5S is official. At this time we stuck with a question, How fingerprint sensor of iPhone 5S changes the security system?

fingerprint sensor of iPhone 5SThe fingerprint sensor of iPhone 5S called as Touch ID. It s 170 micron thin 550ppi resolution sensor from Apple. For bringing the fingerprint authentication within iPhone Apple acquired Authentic Company last year for $356 million. The presence of fingerprint sensor changes the physical appearance of home button of new iPhone.

How fingerprint sensor of iPhone 5S will change the world

Fingerprint sensor itself is the remarkable innovation within new iPhone 5S. The true mobile experience can only be gets through how the security system within our device protect the data, that why Apple introduced new Touch ID. Apple engineers believed that fingerprints are the best passwords in the world, just because hard to find two exactly like.

The touch ID of iPhone 5S scans sub-epidermal skin layers, it is also promises 360 degree readability. Upon the first time you can mark your fingerprint within iPhone 5S while you setting up the device. For the next time the fingerprint sensor uses this copy to make authentication. The sensor is protected by sapphire crystal help to trace the finger marks in right way.Touch ID

The main areas where fingerprint sensor becomes helpful

Unlocking the iPhone 5S with touch ID will help to avoid repeated entering of passwords. It is also put  down the chances of unauthorized access. Simply we can say that touch ID is the new Apple ID for your iPhone 5S. It is because you can use the touch ID for purchasing from iTunes, App stores and from iBooks.

Passbook is one of the top application from Apple that released last year. Passbook  allows to store tickets, coupons, passes and payment cards within a single application. The fingerprint sensor of iPhone 5S provides a strong range of protection for this application, will increase the adoption. The bio metric authentication also applied for iOS applications also.