Fingerprint recognition in iPhone 5S confirms by iOS7 Beta 4

Apple have just released the fourth beta version of iOS operating system.  Now it is reported that fingerprint recognition in iPhone 5S confirms through iOS7 Beta 4.

Fingerprint recognition in Apple iPhone 5SThis news is reported by one of the iOS developers Hanza Sood through Twitter, He discovered evidence for to confirm fingerprint recognition in iPhone 5S by iOS7 Beta 4 code. Hanza reported that the accessibility section within iOS 7 Beta 4 gives clear evidence for identifying a particular user by fingerprint.

A particular string within the accessibility section of iOS7 included about the personal recognition through fingerprint authentication. Last year Apple partnered with fingerprint sensor making Company Authentec. From that time onwards the brand addicts waiting for fingerprint authentication feature in iDevices.

The fingerprint recognition in iPhone 5S surely raises the security  to new level. It also becomes helpful for multiple user usage of one single iOS device. Once the Apple devices features with fingerprint authentication then it can also reduce password complexity.

Apple iPhone 5S reportedly release on September 6th. Today it is reported that the gold master version of iOS7 will release on the first week of September. Normally Apple make the public releases new generation mobile operating system along with new iDevices. Last year we knew that they released the iOS6 OS along with the announcement of iPhone 5.Fingerprint recognition in iPhone 5S

The scheduled date for gold master version of iOS7 also confirms the arrival of iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S will be a completely redesigned version of Smartphone from Apple. The upcoming iPhone will have 4.2 inch screen size. The new display completely overtaking the screen and the phone will have a small home button like iPod touch 5th generation.

The backbone of the phone is iOS7 operating system itself. The new features in iOS7 operating system provide complete Smartphone experience. Upon the camera specifications iPhone 5S will have 13 megapixel iSight camera. There is also a chance for the release of larger screen iPad along with iPhone 5S.