reports of fingerprint authentication in iPhone 5S hits online

The release of iOS7 operating system confirmed that the upcoming iPhone will be an iconic product from Apple. Now reports of fingerprint authentication in iPhone 5S hits online.

fingerprint authentication in iPhone 5SIt is long time since we hearing about the rumors about upcoming iPhone, lots of leaked images and specifications are reported by various sources. Today macrumors reported about some of specifications and new images of upcoming iPhone 5S. The report makes it clear that the upcoming iPhone is an updated version of iPhone 5.

fingerprint authentication in iPhone 5S

One of the most interesting news that hear about iPhone 5S is nothing but the fingerprint chip itself. A few reports say that the upcoming iPhone 5S may features biometric chip for finger print authentication. We know very well that Apple Company always focused for high level security within their services. To make a phone with fingerprint authentication it demands addition layer within the screen along with a biometric sensor. If Apple makes it a reality then security within next generation iPhone goes to the next level for sure.

Last year Apple acquired authentic Company for providing new security elements within upcoming iDevices. The fingerprint authentication in iPhone 5S helps the users to unlock the phone and to make purchase from app store.
iPhone 5S may features finger print chip

It is reported that there didn’t see ‘A’ label within the main chip board. Such a label within the main logic board can highlight that the device boast with the chip from Apple. So there is a chance for the presence of different processor within new iPhone. But it is also remember that Apple always keep their development as top secret until the official announcement.

The outer shell photo of upcoming iPhone 5S reveals that the phone has a dual LED flash. Also the battery capacity is marked as 5.92Whr which is 8 percentage larger than that of iPhone 5’s 5.45Whr. So we can find a improved battery life within upcoming iPhone 5S. It is think to be Apple unveils the next generation iPhone 5S in the month of September itself.