Animated FIFA World Cup 2014 Google Doodle

Brazil is celebrating, World is celebrating  and now search giant is ready for celebration of FIFA World Cup 2014 with an animated doodle on homepage. 12 June, entire world is looking up for the day to witness start of football world cup.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Google DoodleYou can see a football in Brazilian flag color rolling on your homepage today. This is the first doodle of this world cup series. Animated logo alphabets dancing in joy, cheering in colorful background added beauty to Google doodle. Clicking on doodle, you will be taken to the search page with phrase ‘World Cup 2014’.

Google have came up with their logo change previously also to celebrate occasions of cricket world cup, Olympics and so on. Even the announcement of  hosting country of these events was theme for Google Doodles.

Football fans are eagerly waiting for their festival season. Brazil, the host nation for World Cup 2014 completed all preparation for the first kick. Eight Groups, 32 countries , starting from 12 June it lasts till 13 July. Supporters of every nation and players are ready to cheer their stars.

All resorts and tourists places are flooding with football fans in Brazil. Brazilian government have made special arrangements for treating their guests with hospitality and respect. Dilma Rousseff,  Brazil President in her address to nation today said, country is ready for WorldCup. Rousseff also added:

Organizing a worldcup is like playing a game, often sweating and  suffering with hope of extra time and penalty kicks. At last the celebration and final result worth it.

So, the season of fun, excitement and curiosity have begun. Let’s wait and watch which country will take away the world cup.