Colombian sculptor Feliza Bursztyn honored with Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in Colombia marks birthday of sculptor Feliza Bursztyn. Sculptures made by Bursztyn using rusty nails, rings, wheels, bolts and unwanted scraps is amazingly artistic.

Feliza Bursztyn Google Doodle
Feliza Bursztyn Google Doodle(September 8, 2014)

Google Doodle  on 81st Birthday of Feliza Bursztyn depicts one of his works. Andromeda, the last supper, Hedgehog and many more, there are many innovative sculptures created by this Colombian Sculptor. You can see works of Feliza Bursztyn in National Museum of Colombia, Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá and Colombian Ministry of Culture.

Feliza Bursztyn

Feliza Bursztyn was born on 8th September 1933 at Bogotá. Studying sculpture from Académie de la Grande Chaumière and painting from Art Students League, New York City Bursztyn started using scraps for making sculptures from 1961.

Bursztyn’s works changed the outlook towards Colombian sculpture works till that time using noble materials like marbles and bronze. Scraps that were around was  molded in to creative art work by Bursztyn. Hedgehog, the sculpture made of nails on a marble base is pure example for Bursztyn’s skill on making up trash in to creativity.

XVII National Salon in 1965, Bursztyn won first prize for Sculptures. 1960 and 70’s were peak time when Bursztyn created some amazing piece of works. Bursztyn made many sculptures until his death in 1982. It’s on 8th January 1982, Feliza Bursztyn died at age of 48 in Paris.

Clicking on Google Doodle presented on Google homepage for Feliza Bursztyn on birthday, you can get the search links and search page of Feliza Bursztyn. Doodle will present for 24 hours in Google Colombia homepage.

Google logo change on special occasions, festivals and birthdays of famous personality is popular now. With this doodle on Colombia, Google honored Bursztyn, millions of Google users can get through details of Feliza Bursztyn today.