Features and uses of TypeScript programming language

There exits many programming languages, each one of them functions differently. Today Microsoft introduced TypeScript that fulfill the limitaions of JavaScript. Here the features and uses of  TypeScript programming language.
Features and uses of typescript programming languageTypeScript

JavaScript is the most popular scripting language that makes the web pages more interactive. It is a client-side scripting language. So when the user goes for some action the web browsers do that action according to the script. The introduction of typescript is to make the JavaScript execution easier and make it even simpler.

TypeScript is not a substitution for JavaScript. It makes a deep knowledge on the importance of scripting language and makes out the JavaScript more effective by providing tools for the needs of it. Surely the conjunction of JavaScript along with typeScript makes an explosive effect among web application.

So why Microsoft looking up for new programming language? JavaScript is an ultimate scripting language to make the web more interactive and it is not supposed to do for innovative applications. The mechanism which needed for the development of large web applications can’t found in JavaScript.

This scripting language lacks classes modules and interfaces which needed for the most. That is the main reason behind the developers thinking for a new programming language that fulfill the JavaScript and at same time act as a good application developer. So typeScript gets introduced.

TypeScript language allows the developers to build up interactive applications through code-re factoring symbol based navigation and static checking. TypeScript also stands for where JavaScript lacks that is it helps the developers through classes modules and interfaces.  The typeScript language compiled in Ecmascript5 environment. It is the main feature this programming language the static class module and interface features get compiled into simple JavaScript.

So the interaction among web and web application becomes more innovative with typeScript. As it is an open source which works on any browser and any OS the advanced web experience can makes available to all users at any condition.