updates version of FB app for blackberry adds photo features

It is a fact that social networking giant Facebook dominates in all application stores. People use their Smartphones and tablets to connect with Facebook than PCs. Today updates version of FB app for blackberry adds photo features.

FB app for blackberry adds photo featuresWe also liked to get the updation for the Facebook application just because of we get new toolsto get advanced social networking experience. Today Blackberry provides their users to Facebook application version 10.2.0. It boasts with many new features.

Now you can easily create photo albums within your Blackberry 10 device. So that you can easily organize your shots in perfect formats with new Facebook app. You can add your new photos to created album or to the existing albums with one tap. With new Facebook app for Blackberry 10 you can tag your friends. This feature is not yet available before this updation.

The updated Facebook application for Blackberry 10 also allows the users to easily toggle between photos and albums. You will also see refreshed newsfeed design within the updated Facebook application. You can make advanced navigations through the application. You can download the Facebook  for Blackberry 10 from the app store.

Unique features of Blackberry 10

  • Blackberry Hub turns to be the centralized place for to get all types of messages. It includes emails, messages, BBM, calendar, phone calls and other social networking updations. Users can also plug in other communication services to Blackberry Hub.
  • Blackberry 10 provides a floe feeling on application launching, that is you don’t have to close one application that you currently using while you tends to switch for another.
  • The active frames within Blackberry 10 operating system allows you to get eight open applications. You can easily minimize the applications from the screen.
  • The time shift feature within Blackberry 10 camera allows to take multiple photos with one shot and allows to choose best one from them
  • The Blackberry application world provides innovative applications to the users.