Father’s Day Google Doodle 2001

Father’s Day, a day dedicated for all fathers was celebrated on June 17th in the year 2001. Father’s Day Google Doodle 2001  on this day was designed specially to honor Fathers.

father’s day google doodle 2001
Father’s Day (Jun 17, 2001)

Doodle included the pictures of gopher and bears apart from Google logo.It was after special doodle for Mother day 2001 Google came up with father’s day doodle.  Here in the logo we can see a father bear and two children playing with him. Fathers love towards his children, the care and security everything in the Google doodle. It’s a beautiful work done by the doodle designer.

Father’s Day complements mother’s day. It was mainly celebrated on the month of June. Many countries celebrate third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. It was on 1910 the first Father’s Day officially held. It was at YMCA Spokane, Washington the event first took place. It was initiated by Sonora Smart Dodd. She was influenced by Anna Jarvis who fought for the Mother’s day celebration. Sonora’s father was a civil worker who bought up his six children alone. She was of the opinion that fathers can care and love similarly like mother.

Father's Day
Father’s Day
(Image Credit :dreamstime.com)

The first national recognition for this day was in the year 1913.Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Margaret Chase Smith are some others who worked for the national recognition of this day. There are similar celebrations like Father’s Day to honor the fatherhood taking place in different days.

Father’s Day celebrations are increasing popularity now a day. Father’s Day cards, gifts and flowers are given to the beloved fathers by their children on that day. Fathers are taken to their favorite picnics spots to make them happy on that day.

Each country celebrates the day according to their culture and tradition. The date of celebration is different in different places. In Thailand December 5th, in Norway second Sunday of November, in New Zealand first Sunday of November, in Peru and Philippines third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father’s Day.

Google honored all fathers on this special day with this doodle. Doodle pictorially tells to the world how much a father is important in a family. Google have published Fathers day doodles previous years also.