Father’s Day Google Doodle 2000

Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries for honoring fathers for their parental care and affection .Google released doodle as a part of Father’s Day. Father’s Day is commonly celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June.

Father’s Day Google Doodle 2000
Fathers day (June 18, 2000)

On the occasion of Father’s Day Google released a simple doodle. It conveys the specialty of the Day with its simple design and with certain objects included in it. It contains a hat above the ‘o’ and a tie on the ‘g’ of the Google logo. These symbols relates to a guardian who has some responsibilities within him. So by this simple objects Google succeed in conveying the specialty of the day. The other part of logo remains unchanged. Father’s Day Google Doodle 2000 is released globally all around the world. The other part of logo remains unchanged.

Father’s Day celebration was started at United States as a complement to Mother’s Day celebration. It is begun to celebrate in the early 20th century as a part of fatherhood and male parenting. After the success of Anna Jarvis by the promotion of Mother’s Day, the idea of celebrating similar celebrations for other family member’s arises.

The choice of Father’s Day celebration is the apt one as a complementary celebration for Mother’s Day. There were independent thoughts about celebrating Father’s Day. But the credit for realization of modern day celebrations was goes to Sonora Dodd. Sonora Dodd is known as the main driving force and reason for this establishment. America’s resisted the celebration for some decades by saying that it is just a commercial replication of Mother’s day. But after its promotion during the mid-1980’s Father’s Day council declared it as ‘second Christmas’.

Father's Day
Father’s Day, A day dedicated to celebrate Fatherhood
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There were different confusions and controversies existed as a part of Father’s Day celebration. United States president Calvin Coolidge recommended the celebrations but stopped promoting it due to national proclamation.  As the idea and promotion of Father’s Day celebrations started early, it is President Mr. Richard Nixon who had announced it as a permanent National Holiday. Then it became as a National Holiday after signing it as the law in 1972.

Celebrations similar to Father’s Day are celebrated before the official announcement of this as a special day in different part of the world. Additional to this International Men’s Day is celebrated on Nov 19. Although the dates are different all people around the world celebrates Father’s day in order to show the respect towards fatherhood and parental care.