Google honors Fatherhood with doodle at Dominican Republic

Google honor fatherhood at Dominican Republic with doodle on homepage. It’s last Sunday of July celebrated as father’s day in Dominican Republic.


fathers day dominican republic
fathers day dominican republic(July 27, 2014)

Google Doodle sketches a father playing with his kid in toy flight in different colors. Google logo alphabet is included in doodle as written onside wings of flight.

In 2014, it’s on 28th July Dominican Republic celebrating father’s day. Parental bonds, father hood and value of father’s in society is honored on the day. Celebration of the day includes outing to favorite spot of fathers, dinner and giving gifts for father’s.

Most of the countries around the globe have a special day to celebrate fatherhood, according to the tradition and customs dates vary country to country. Day highlights the need of fathers in making up their kids an asset for society.

In Dominican Republic, Father’s Day is known as Día del padre. Clicking on Doodle for fathers day, you will be taken to the search page for Father’s Day. Doodle will be on Google homepage of Dominican Republic for 24 hours.

Google have published special doodles on Fathers Day of various countries previously also in this year. Father’s are cared and loved on the day at the best. Google with this doodle wished ‘Happy Father’s Day’ to all loving and caring fathers.