Father’s Day 2009 Google doodle portrayed dad and daughter making sand castle

Father’s Day 2009 Google doodle was published on June 21st .Father’s day doodle included the picture of loving and caring father helping his child to make the sand castle.

Father's Day 2009 Google doodle
Father’s Day 2009(Jun 21, 2009)

Google logo is wrote in the doodle as if it is written with sand by father and the child that we can see in the doodle. It is the helping hand of father in a family pictured in the Father’s Day 2009 Google doodle.

As we know it’s the father in the family stand as the helping hand in each and every situation that happens to the family. In good and bad he will hold every other members and protect them.

Fathers Love
Fathers Love
[Image Credit :dbjphotography]
In most of the countries the celebration of father’s day includes many special programs and parties. As we can see the Google doodle for Father’s Day, a father will be sometimes a loving friend, a teacher, a brother and also a leading light for the child. Third Sunday of June is the day for celebrations of Father’s Day in most of the places.

Father’s Day 2009 Google doodle was an apt doodle for the celebration of the day. By including the beach play of father and child in it doodle clearly explained the value and role of a father for a child.

Though in many countries two different days are taken for the celebration of day dedicated for father and mother in some countries it is celebrated in one day as parent’s day considering the equality and importance of both the members in the family.

Google always have showed respect and importance for these days for the parents by coming with special doodles on the homepage for the celebration of the day. Every year they give beautiful messages on this day showing the value of father and mother with this doodles.