Father’s Day 2007 Google Doodle

As usually seen in all the years Google came up with Father’s Day in the year 2007 also. A father is the one who leads family in all situation. Father’s Day is celebrated in most of the countries in the world on third Sunday of June.

Father’s Day 2007 Google Doodle
Father’s Day 2007(June 16, 2007)

A day specially dedicated for the loving and caring fathers it’s what Father’s Day is. Father’s Day 2007 Google Doodle also included ingredients to show the specialty of the day in it. It added the picture of father relaxing in a swimming pool with his snorkels. This doodle which conveys the message of Father’s Day was released in United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and United States. He picture of father by replacing Google letter ‘O’ gave the Father’s Day touch to the doodle. Though the doodle was simple it seemed to be very attractive.

Father’s Day celebrations goes in hand with the Mother’s Day celebrations. Father and should equally work hard to make the family atmosphere better. Children will become what they are by learning from their parents. Parents are the role models for the children. It was Anna Jarvis who took initiatives for the day dedicated for mothers and an organization for mothers.

Father’s Day
Father’s Love[Image Credit :imnsho.us]
In this world where the value of relationships are going down there is a great significance in celebration of days specially for giving value to relationship. This day make the children as well as adults aware about the respect that they have to give to their loving Father’s.

Fathers are the role models for children as they can see feel them nearly and clearly. It is very easy for a child to follow what his father does. Apart from making children aware of the need of fathers this day also makes fathers think about the duties and responsibilities towards their families. In many countries in the world the decision taking power is entirely dedicated to the fathers of family.

Father’s Day celebrations mainly takes place in western countries. Taking fathers to their favorite places, giving gifts and cards to the fathers are commonly seen customs in every place on this day. Google doodle also wished all fathers the happiness of the day in their unique way. Though mothers have a great place in a family its fathers who gives positivity and strength when something goes wrong as their mental strength will be far beyond that of mother in the family.