Father’s day 2004 Google Doodle

Father’s Day is a special occasion in which we all remembers and honor our Fathers for their love and affection that they are showing towards family. Through their parental care they dedicated their life for their family and children. So it is important to celebrate a unique day as Father’s Day all over the world commonly.

Father’s day 2004 Google Doodle
Father’s day 2004 (June 16, 2004)

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June commonly. On this special occasion Google released a special doodle as a dedication for all Fathers. Fathers are the personalities who contributing a larger part to the character formation of a child. Commonly the leadership and behavioral qualities are learned from father.

So it is important to dedicate a special day for our dear father and honoring him and remember the good times that we spend with him. So Father’s Day is the occasion to celebrate Fatherhood and parental bonds existing inside the family. It is 100% sure that we can feel the love and affection of Father’s in every moment of our life whether it is success or failure. And this day is to celebrate this joy of Fatherhood. As I early mentioned that it is commonly celebrated on the 3rdSunday of June but its date of celebration can vary according to country.

Father's Day
Father’s Day
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In this year 2004 Google released a special and meaningful doodle as a dedication for all fathers. Google doodle portrayed 2 children who are cleaning the lawn and the father is taking rest.

In this special day children is doing the work that were usually done by their dad and giving rest to their beloved dad. It is an important message that is given through this Father’s day 2004 Google Doodle . So Google is always shown interestto give inspirational messages through their doodle. The rest of the Google logo is remained unchanged. Google always conveyed big ideas with simplicity.

Mother’s Day celebrations are started far early than Father’s Day celebrations. Father’s Day celebration was started as a complement to Mother’s Day celebration in United States. It is started in the early 20th century as a part of fatherhood and male parenting.

The acceptance of Mother’s Day a s a result of Day promotion by Anna Jarvis leads to the idea of father’s Day celebrations. So it can be considered as an apt decision to celebrate Father’s Day as a complement to Mother’s Day.

The main driving source for the realization of modern day celebrations goes to Sonora Dodd. Initially it is only considered as a commercial replication of Mother’s Day. The celebrations and promotions started early for the Father’s Day Celebration, but it is President Mr. Richard Nixon who had announced it as a permanent National Holiday.