Google’s Father’s Day 2003 Doodle

In the 2003, it was on 14th June Father’s Day is celebrated. A day dedicated to all loving and caring fathers. All those who love their father celebrate the day with grand functions. Google also showed their love towards the fathers by publishing this beautiful doodle.

Father’s Day 2003 Doodle
Father’s Day 2003 (June 14, 2003)

Google home page was dense with beautiful figures and picture on that day. Doodle included the picture of a father relaxing on the Hammock in the garden lawn. The way the Hammock was hanged in the Google doodle is really imaginative. It’s quite common to see people relaxing on the garden side in western countries. The inclusion of mower in the doodle was also a good thought. Hammock, mower, hat, lawn all these added color to the Father’s Day 2003 Doodle .

Third Sunday of June is commonly celebrated as Father’s Day in most of the countries. This day complements Mother’s Day. The first official Father’s Day celebration took place in 1910 at YMCA Spokane, Washington. I

t was Sonora Smart Dodd influenced by Anna Jarvis took initiation for the celebration of Father’s Day. She was of the opinion that fathers can care and love their children like mothers even more. Her father who was a civil worker was her model for this argument. Her father looked after the six children alone. Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Margaret Chase Smith also took actions for the national recognition of this day. The wide recognition for this day was in the year 1913.

Fathers are the strength of the family. It’s them who make the children aware about the outer world and how to face the challenges of the world. They are the ones who teach the children the need for faithfulness, honesty and obedience. They always help the children to take right decisions to go on with their life. They are the best teachers.

Fathers Love
Fathers Love
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On this Father’s Day Google made the people realize what is the importance of fathers in a family by dedicating this doodle for all those loving and caring fathers. Specialty of the day is conveyed in all the simple elements of the doodle.

Many of the countries have similar celebrations to honor the fatherhood. In Norway the celebration is on second Sunday of November, In Thailand it’s on 5thDecember, The celebration in New Zealand takes place in first Sunday of November. There will some variations in the traditions and customs from country to country in the celebration.