Father’s Day 2002 Google Doodle

Father’s Day is celebrated in order to honor for their parental care, affection and love. Father’s Day is commonly celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. Google released this doodle on June 16, 2002.

Father’s Day 2002 Google Doodle
Father’s Day 2002 (June 16, 2002)

Father’s Day is considered as the occasion to remember the contribution given by Fathers for formulating children’s character.  It is the time to celebrate Fatherhood and parental bonds existing inside the family. Although we can feel their affection and care in every part of our life this is the day dedicated to remember the love and affection given by our father. Usually it is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June, but it is celebrated in different days in different countries.

In the year 2002 Father’s Day falls on June 16. Google released a Father’s Day 2002 Google Doodle dedicated to Fathers . The doodle pictured the importance of Father in a family. Doodle pictured Father as a central backbone of family who coordinates all other members and fulfills the needs and necessaries of members.

There are 2 children in the doodle who were ready to giving gifts for their father on this special occasion. There is a chair and tie included in doodle which is the symbols relates to a guardian who has some responsibilities within him. So by this simple objects Google succeed in conveying the specialty of the day. The other part of logo remains unchanged. The doodleis released globally all around the world. The other part of logo remains unchanged.

Father’s Day, A special Day to celebrate Fatherhood
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Father’s Day celebration was started as a complement to Mother’s Day celebration in United States. It is started to celebrate as a part of fatherhood and male parenting in the early 20th century. There were independent thoughts about celebrating Father’s Day. The main driving source for the realization of modern day celebrations goes to Sonora Dodd.

The celebrations similar to Father’s Day were existed in different countries before announcement of this as a special day. Although the dates and ways are different all people around the world celebrates Father’s day in order to show the respect towards fatherhood and parental care.