PSY’s Gentleman holds the record of fastest video to hit 100 million views

PSY is a musician who born to make records that can’t easily cross by anyone. The July 2012 released Gangnam became a part of our daily life. We can simply say that the number of record hold by Gangnam style became a new record within the musical world. Now PSY’s Gentleman holds the record of fastest video to hit 100 million views.

fastest video to hit 100 million viewsPSY’s Gentleman officially gets released on 13th April 2013. From the first day itself Gentleman made more than 18 million views. After three days from the release it crosses 100 million views. The only video that ties with this record is Russian Meteor. That video hit this record in February.

fastest video to hit 100 million views

Of course Russian Meteor hit 100 million views within 3 days. But in fact it is completely news based video. It highlights a meteorite which went through Russian atmosphere very closely. It never gets a curiosity that developed on the users by PSY’s Gentleman. It is just because of one world called Gangnam style.

“It is hard to not to feel pressured. But it was best song I could make. I am proud and thankful that whole nation is giving attention to my new song. So I don’t care even it is failed”. PSY said about his new achievement.

PSY’s Gangnam style took long 44 days to complete 100 million views within YouTube. But today it has 1.5 billion views and still increasing in each day. Now Gentleman is in the path of Gangnam style.  Like Gangnam style the main focus of Gentleman is nothing but ridiculous dance movements done by PSY. It never shows any resemblance to any animal movement like we seen with horse trot within Gangnam style.

PSY’s Gentleman is a complete musical video. In that sense It also hit another record that the first ever musical video to hit 100 million views in 3 days. Previously it is hold by Lady Ganga which took 14 days to complete this mile stone. We can hope that PSY’s Gentleman will cross many records in coming days.