Jelly Bean turns the fast growing android version

It is a fact that Smartphone world gets its completion only with android. The mobile platform which gained more than 75% of total market. Until today Google released seven different android versions. Upon this Jelly Bean turns the fast growing android version ever.

fast growing android versionYesterday Google updated its mobile platform webpage. It shows that the Jelly Bean version rise to 33% of share and Ice Cream sandwich falls down to 25% share. Interestingly android 2.3 Gingerbread still remains at the top position. Android 4.1 and android 4.2 versions gained 29.0% and 4% of shares respectively.

Fast growing android version

The gingerbread dominations still remain in android platform. There are 3 major version got released after android 2.3 gingerbread and it became favorite for most number of users. In an interval there are large number of handsets are gets unveiled in this version. The gingerbread version also provides affordable performance for the users.

The main reason for why many users still stuck on with this version whenever the new updations are available is just because sometimes it makes the phone bit slower. The phone must be capable of to get on with the newer version. That is the processor and phone configurations.Updated android web page from Google

How to update an android Smartphone?

  • Most of all android phones get automatic updation but it may vary in many phones. Also the manufacture UI within many android phones makes the updation availability much longer.
  • Press the menu button within your android phone after unlocking the screen.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Select the about phone option from the settings.
  • Select software updates. This menu show off the new updations if it is available.
  • Select the available update, the phone will instantly download and install the update within it.

Today most of all flagship phones from top mobile manufactures uses Jelly Bean version. The smooth and secured environment makes this android version the best. Moreover it is inbuilt with many essential Google services. It is thinks to be becomes the most dominant android version in short time.