101 year old Californian woman become Facebooks oldest user

Facebook’s mission to connecting people together and make the world more open. Today it counts 955 million Facebook members. Upon these huge list 101 year Florence Deltor became Facebooks oldest user. Florence Deltor is from California and she is very found of using social network technologies.

facebooks oldest userThe presence of this 101 year old lady within Facebook show off the social networking giant’s popularity and facilities. Facebook never tighten for a particular generation, it is there for all people on planet Earth.

According to Deltor’s FB profile she lives in Menlo Park California. She is graduated from occidental college in los angels in 1932.she is interested in reading books. Deltor joined Facebook in august 2009.

The activeness in Facebook at this age make her so popular within the site.  Finally Facebooks oldest user Florence Deltor visited by CEO Mark Zuckererg and by COO Sheryl Sandberg. The billionaire Zuckerberg’s visit made her extremely happy.

“I was really impressed with what he is doing with his imagination and effort. After all, he is a busy person and gracious to come out and speak with me. They put me in my wheel chair and pushed me around. I brought my own wheel chair so i would be comfortable. They took me over to the part of the building where his office is and whole bunch of computer people. It was very interesting. He is very nice and gracious” Deltor shared his experience with Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook COO Sheryk Sandberg took a photo of Deltor and posted in her wall with a quote hounered to meet Florence Deltor, who at 101 year old is Facebooks oldest user. Florence Deltor also shared that she liked to connect with Facebook everyday. She also added that many people around the world try to connect with her. Now Florence Deltor became the Facebooks oldest user. We can’t underestimate that there is no other people like this because Facebook itself is a miracle.