Facebooks new security guide for survivors of abuse

The social networking giant Facebook joined with National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and provide better guidelines for to become secure on the site. Facebooks new security guide for survivors of abuse cross all essential steps to be followed by the users to avoid abuse.

Facebook’s new security guideBeing the one of the most crowded place within internet hackers always target for Facebook profiles. So it is Facebook’s responsibility to provide better security environment for their 1.15 billion users. Through Facebooks new security guide the company wants to make sense for the users how to use their network more securely. Facebooks new security guide also covered all the security steps that allow the users to experience a complete social connection within internet.

What is in with Facebooks new security guide

Actually NNEDV joined with Facebook back in the year 2010. They helped the world’s most popular social networking site for avoiding domestic violence, cyber-stalking and dating abuse. Through this new security guide both organizations wants to make the Facebook users complete awareness of various threads and security matters.manage your friends

Facebooks new guide includes the sections such as how to manage your friends, review your privacy settings, security features in Facebook…Etc. Upon the first section Facebook covers how your posts visible to others and how can control it. Facebook recommended for the users to choose default setting for the posts or to select individual settings for each posts.

Facebook also tells the users through the new security guide that to become aware on selecting friends as there are fake IDs existing.  Through the first ever section in the guide Facebook tell the users to make a secured environment in their profiles through effective controlling over friends.review privacy settings

In the second section within the Facebook guide they covered over security settings. As Facebook introduced graph search for all recently it easy for someone to find your datas. This section includes essential steps to be make over who can find you, who can tag you, who can see your shared datas and also the control over liking and commenting over public posts.

The next line of defense within Facebooks new security guide includes security settings and notifications. Facebook provides various security options to avoid someone from login into your account. Facebook recommended for to make review over the settings such as login notifications, recognized devices, Active sessions and notifications…Etc.

security settings and notifications

The last section within Facebooks new security guide covers the different security tools available within the site. It includes how to unfriend or block someone from bothering about you. It also covers how to report an abuse within Facebook. Of course Facebook’s new security guide makes your social networking experience to be more secure than before.