Facebook’s Flipboard style app rumored to be coming soon

After the introduction of hash tags in the beginning of this month now reports says that Facebook’s Flipboard style app coming son, It was in Wall Street Journals the news of Facebook flipboard type app first reported. Facebook officials have not confirmed anything about this new app.

Facebook's Flipboard style appFacebook is the social networking site which constantly comes up with new features and innovation. Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg have already said that there are working on a new app which makes their users comfortable in reading news.

Zukerberg said while announcing Graph Search and introducing News Feeds in March” We want to give world’s best newspaper experience to the users”.

Facebook’s Flipboard style app

Flipboard is the best news reader app that is available now with more than 50million users. We know Facebook has got 1 billion active users so if Facebook’s Flipboard style app comes true will becomes a best competitor to other news aggressive apps.. There were rumors of the introdoction of Reader app in the June 20th event but unfortunately it wasn’t introduced at time.

Popularity of Facebook shows that it’s the best social networking site. Introduction of hashtags made its users to track related stories that they are searching for without any complication.

Earlier there were reports on the unused RSS code in companies Graph API. Facebook mobile users will be looking forward with this new app. Though there is no confirmation on the news from authorities we can expect this new move from Facebook at any time.

It’s the changes and new features which Facebook includes time by time make its users tied towards it. Hashtags, News feeds, Graph search everything helps the users make their activity in the social networking site easy and simple. Facebook reader will be a similar step from the Social networking giant.