Facebook to launch a mobile application that tracks the location

The social networking giant now tries to provide more applications and action games through their sites. Applications are the one of the most used section in Facebook. The developers also get credits through it. In a short time Facebook to launch a mobile application that tracks the location.

Facebook to launch a mobile application that tracks the location The main aim of this tracking mobile application is to find your loved ones easily. The application is developed by a group of engineers from Glancee. It is location tracking software that used to find people around you. This particular application was released in 2010 and became widely popular in short time. The leader behind Facebook’s tracking application is Peter Deng who worked for Google from 2007.

From earlier time onwards Facebook records the user’s GPS records. It was done through when they post updates from their handsets. Now the developers think to makes it more effective. The tracking application helps to track your friend’s location and thereby you can easily know where your friends are. Facebook’s tracking application doesn’t get shorten to just tracking it provides a number of possibilities.

When you get on the application it can understand the basic informations about you. So that it is aware of friends are within your likes dislikes…Etc. just like that of Facebook’s graph search. The application will keep the track of users with the permission of them. This will ensure the security. When someone within your interest coming near your circle the application will gives you automatic alert it.

You can’t get any idea on how many events you have to attend in very soon. As it became a trend to invite the friends to the events via Facebook you will gets a number of invitations. This application will reminds you about the events you have to attend. It will also inform you about your friend’s birthday.

The main reason for why Facebook focused for application development is that increase in the number of mobile visitors. According to the reports there are about 680 million people are get connected to the Facebook through their handsets. They also thinks the number will sharply increasing in future. It is about more than half of total embers of Facebook. In that way Facebook losses its revenue. To retain the former stage they have to keep concentrate on applications and virtual gift zone. Facebook track application will be available from middle of March onwards.