Facebook rolling out new privacy controls

As became the world’s largest database of personal informations Facebook always vulnerable to security attacks. That is why Facebook team gave their primary focus for user’s privacy. Now Facebook rolling out new privacy controls for secured usage.Facebook rolling out new privacy controls

The new privacy policies in Facebook are concern about your sharing and personal informations. You can tap out the new privacy setting tools from top right of your profile. There you can see new privacy options like:

  • Who can see my stuffs?
  • Who can contact me?
  • How do I stop someone from bothering me?

Facebook team strongly believed that when the control over the shared contents improved then the number of sharing also increases. For doing that every user much capable to apply required privacy controls on all contents. Now Facebook users can decide who all can view their photos and updates. Also the can apply control over different informations they had shared on the site. The new settings allow users to keep always the unwanted comments from unknown persons. So that users do not have to bothers about third party access of your valuable contents. It allows to get shared only with the trusted persons.

You can also controls the way of connection with the peoples. You can add the people to restricted zone who are out of your interest. The people in the list does not gone out of your friends list only those people are restricted from seeing all your post. They are restricted to see the posts that are posted in public zone. If you block a user then that person no longer will be able to connect with you in Facebook. Users can also add control over different kinds of invitations that are getting from your friends. Different applications can also be blocked by the users at their wish. The new setting keeps the usage of applications in secured way through providing different security requests.

Facebook also provides different messages to you to get understand about what will be happen at the next moment when you do something new in the site. This system helps you to prevent from get into the troubles. These messages will helps you to navigate through the site with proper suggestions.

The new updated activity log helps you to understand about what all things you have done recently. It includes comments likes tags that you had made. One of the advantage s of new activity log is that it helps you to see the activities that are hidden from your time line. The new tool in updated activity log helps you to remove multiple tagged photos. It can be done by ‘photos of you’ tab in new activity log.

These tools are becomes more effective than before because it allows the users to continue on what they are doing while tapping on settings. Also it reduces the multiple paths in privacy settings. Now Facebook had more than 1 billion of users and daily gets trillions of sharing and updates. When the new security tools makes the site into most trusted zone these things are also gets improved. New security updation will be coming into actions at the end of December 2012.