Facebook plans to introduce a social search service in 2013

Facebook have world’s largest database of personal informations. It is good to see the streaming of stories related to your FB account. Now Facebook plans to introduce a social search service in 2013.
Facebook plans to introduce a social search service in 2013

Each Facebook profile contains that person’s basic datas his likes dislikes whom he want to connect more the place he want to go for habits…etc. FB is one the main source to find out the person you are searching for because from childhood to old age every one live on Facebook. Every day FB goes through 800 million search queries. Each one looking up for peoples they want to meet. Facebook integrated search is also having high priority in web.

The search engine Bing is integrated with Facebook so that in each search results it will show up the updates of friends. This factor helps the search engine to grow more at US market. So Face book team understands the fact that people excited to know about their loved ones more than anything. So an FB integrated social search has a great hope as it an ocean of personal profiles.

What is exactly meant by social search service of Facebook is that, will introduce a new search bar within your account. You can search anything related to your account, like photos i liked, photos I uploaded in 2011, my friends who like pizza..Etc. Keep in mind that it is not at all like web search you can only see the informations  that are already seen by you.

Social search service of Facebook allows you to get the things much faster than manual search. Mainly delivers the contents that you have made public. It is things to be official launch of social search engine will schedule for January 2013.