Facebook plans for reply to comment feature

The popular social networking site Facebook plans for reply to comment feature shortly. This feature is meant to makes the conversation under a status or post. Facebook also aims to bring up one column timeline and audio notification.

Facebook plans for reply to comment featureFacebook provides the features like, comment and share to make response to one particular post or status. Once any post or status gets commented the only option you can make on it is like the comment. There is no option to make direct reply currently. You can also make comment with specifying one particular person. But this can’t make out the clear conversation between those parties as most of all posts are crowded with comments. The new feature ‘reply to comment’ which will update soon allow us to make replies to comments.

That is in a particular Facebook post or status there will be a new reply button next to like button. So that after one makes a comment you can make direct reply to that comment. This feature makes the conversation much clear that is it gives a direct highlight on who is commented to whom. This makes a clear sense on every sentence under a post much clear than the current state. Also there is a chance of this feature turns the posts into crowded and complicated conversation centre.

Facebook team also plans to added sound alert notification feature. In current stage when someone posted on our timeline our any types of invitations or message coming to us then all those matters show up by the notification icon. It is place at the top left besides searching bar on Facebook. But this icon can’t catch our attention all-time if we are busy with other tasks.

So the new sound alert notification will helps to gets with our notification at right time. The sound alert notifications can easily catch our attention so that we make right action at next time we got it. This feature is same as that of message alert we gets in our cellphone. By this feature Facebook aims to catch your attention all time when you get with new messages invitations or new post on your timeline.

One of the major changes that you will see soon in social networking giant is that redesigned timeline. The new redesigned timeline will shows the post in one column and the posts are appeared as wider than before. The two column version of timeline made much complex feeling to the users as the posts appears here and there.

The new narrow column design allow to gets right sense on every posts. On right side Facebook show off timeline of dates. So we can get our activities at each time. It also shows off your recent activities at right side. Facebook team focused on to make the time line with right things that is done by the person right from the start of account. The relevant personal information you added on the account also show off in timeline. This will helps others to identify you easily. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on timeline as “story of your life and completely new way to express”.