Facebook planned for a mysterious event on 20th June

One of the real time news updation we wish to hear from a place is about the social networking giant Facebook itself. We already had seen with the big releases of graph search, new newsfeed and Facebook Home this year. According to the reports Facebook planned for a mysterious event on 20th June.

FacebookThe Facebook users are just hit with the hashtag feature within site. Now it is time for new surprise from Facebook. The main reason for why the upcoming FB event is said to be ‘mysterious’ is nothing but this news is not at all spread by the company globally. They just send a snail mail of white papers to few media. One of suchinvitation gets by Joanna Stern from ABC news.

Upon that white paper it is written that ‘a small team has been working on a big idea, join us for coffee and learn about a new product’. This event scheduled for 20th June. It will conduct at Menlo Park headquarters of Facebook. There is not at all a report about what Facebook is going to unveils in the upcoming ‘mysterious’ event.Facebook event invitation

We know that Facebook introduced the hashtag feature on 12th June. On that day Facebook said through the official news site that hashtag in FB is only a first step by the company to help the people to discover more things on FB. They will continue to provide more features in coming weeks which will helps the users to find out more things from world conversation. So it is thins to be Facebook will introduce such a feature like hashtag in upcoming month.