Facebook opens registration for hacker cup competition 2013

Facebook hacker cup is an international level programming competition which aims to find out the engineering talents. The program was started in the year 2011. Facebook felicitated the winners with price money and job offers at main office in California. Now it is the time for this year competition and Facebook opens registration for hacker cup competition 2013.Facebook opens registration for hacker cup competiton 2013

Facebook hacker cup competition consists of different algorithmic problems, participants have to find out the solutions for it in a fixed amount of time. The participants can use their own way to find out the answers. That is they can use any programming language or development environment to find out the solution. The registrations for this year competition start from January 7th onwards, continued until 27th January.

Upon the registration time the first name and last name column automatically gets completed for all Facebook users. In the remaining fields you have to provide your contact details. Those who are participated in the Facebook hack cup competition in previous year gets added in this year list automatically. There are some few restrictions that are put forward by Facebook team. You must be aged more than 18 years. Also if you are a resident from a country where these kinds of competitions are restricted then you can’t be participate in this competition. The countries like Quebec are restricted these kinds of competitions.

After the registrations have closed up the online qualification test will held from January 25th. The online elimination will starts from February 2nd onwards. It will end up on 16th February. After the online elimination test the remaining 25 candidates will go for final round. The Onsite finals will hold in Facebook headquarters California on 22nd and 23rd March 2013. The winner of Facebook hack cup will honored with $10000 price money and Job at Facebook.

Facebook held this competition to find out the experts who are innovative with latest technology. Also they want to pick up the talents with innovative ideas. The participants will get judged according to their speed and accuracy in solving problems. There are thousands of participants around the globe are competite each other in previous year. Roman Andreev from Russia became the winner for Facebook hacker cup 2012. There is no limitations in the number of registrations you just need to register for the competition and Facebook will bring you to the new world of technology.