Facebook news reader likely to be launched on June 20th event

The 1 billion user record of Facebook not only provides them personal informations but also the global news which is shared by them. Now Facebook on a way to provide these informative datas to the people through new innovative tools. Facebook news reader likely to be launched on June 20th event.

Facebook news readerToday we heard about Facebook’s plans for conducting a secret event on 20th June. It is thinks to the introduction of hashtag within Facebook is the right path for new social news reader. The news reader application will surely turns to be a perfect tool for the people as Facebook has that much database.

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Facebook news reader

Facebook already confirmed through its official news site that they will provide new tools to discover useful datas from word conversations. According to them hashtag is only the first step of it. The introduction of Facebook news reader on 20th June also makes a perfect impact on users as the Google Reader will shut down shortly.

It is not at all confirmed by Facebook yet. But some of leaked informations highlight that Facebook on development process for such an application. If so it is the right time for its release. Hashtag is something that allows the users to finds the things from a large discussion. The new Facebook news reader will allows to access updations from Facebook posts, blogs and other sites through integration.

As Facebook became the unique place where people gathered together it is the perfect place to get any informations easier. The launching of such a social news reader really helps all types of people to get informations faster than any other sources. It is because it access datas from Facebook posts, blogs and other sites. So that such users can get news faster than any other services. We can hope for other features on the same day from Facebook which allows us to gets datas from the connected people in a perfect way.