Facebook Home crosses 1 million downloads in one month

Most of us spend most of time in internet is to connect with Facebook. This addiction makes its application to became top hit at market. Facebook Home is focused only for android users. Now Facebook Home crosses 1 million downloads in one month.

Facebook Home crosses 1 million downloadsFacebook officially introduced the social home for android devices on April 4th. As mentioned here it is only for android devices. Now the app stores counts 1 million downloads in a short time. Facebook Home is about to gets its first update as it crosses one month after the official release.

According to users feedback the best ever things they found with Facebook Home are cover feed and chat head. The new chatting facility within Facebook Home provides smoother way of communication among the users. The time to time updates show off by cover feed also became favorite for users. It helps to gets the news fast as it done automatically.

Whenever the Facebook Home became a trend on some users there is also an increase in the time they spend on FB. In fact the ever time using Smartphone became a social device with Facebook Home. It makes the connection with people easier and make a sense of they are around us.

An overview on Facebook Home

  • Facebook home is something which turns our android devices to a social device. With this Facebook software home of your Smartphone became FB profile itself. It is developed because of current trend that seen with Facebook mobile users.
  • You will able to see with stream of posts from your friends in the home of your Smartphone with Facebook Home. The cover feed highlights photos status updates and link shares from your friends.
  • You will also get other notifications a like calls, other application updates…etc. through Facebook Home.
  • The chat head within Facebook Home helps to make all type of messages are within one place. It includes text and Facebook messages. You can swipe out the friend who comes online anywhere in the screen. In such a way you can make chatting anywhere on your phone.
  • You can also launch other applications on your phone right from the home itself. Facebook Home will gets updation in every month.