Facebook hits 1 billion users milestone

You have found the growth of Facebook as a clean inclination in graph, became a common communicating tool for all people. Today Facebook hits 1 billion users milestone, the first ever social networking site to reach this record.
Facebook hits 1 billion users milestone

Facebook is founded by the collage drop out Mark Zuckerberg from Harvard University in 2004. Facebook is developed from a hobby project of Mark Zuckerberg at the time of his studies at Harvard. He made a photo liking system at collage network and it became more popular. Later with the help of his friends Mark Zuckerberg programmed for a new social networking site with photo liking feature as base one. It became popular in a short time. So mark Zuckerberg and his friend Moskovitz drop out of collage for full time involvement in Facebook. These two friends became the first members of the social networking giant Face book.

Facebook became globally popular within short time. The domain that had purchased for $200 now has revenue of 3.7 billion USD. The feature that attracts the users to Facebook is photo liking system. Users can upload the photos without having any limit. Later the Facebook became more advanced through groups events applications and games. Users also get live updation from the pages they liked. Now Facebook became the perfect place for all type of promotions and ads.

Within just 8 years Facebook made a remarkable mile stone of 1 billion active users. According to Facebook an average user have 130 friends and having average age of 22.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that it became the most precious moment of his lifetime to make one billion users to get connected. Facebook also have 600 million mobile users which is also a remarkable hit. FB is not only riches with large number of peoples but also lucky with the presence of globally popular politicians sport stars and celebrities.

Interesting features in Facebook that we really liked

  1. The timeline – Let you to stream the stories linked to your account everytime, Facebook brings you stories from the areas where you connected deeply.
  2. The like button – The unique feature of Facebook that let you to make compliment for others post through a button not through comments.
  3. Events- Lets you to know the social events related to your life trough friends.
  4. Social plugins – Let you to add comments to other sites using Facebook account.
  5. Facebook wall –  Let you to share direct message, info on someone else account.
  6. Embed posting – The linked content of your posts automatically get fetched.