Facebook history seeking and deletion get activated

Do not track feature in modern browsers help us to browse without leaving any internet history. Now the social networking giant Facebook featured with seeking and deletion of Facebook history. Yes, Facebook history seeking and deletion get activated officially.Facebook history seeking and deletion get activated

Facebook use this new feature to make the user to be in more control and secure their profile. Every FB users can use this new privacy feature through activity log in their profile. It will help you to see all your FB searches and activities one by one in specific order. Your Facebook history in right order.

By tapping on ‘All’ button in activity log you will able to see your history. From there you will get reminder about your activities and searches. You can also remove any specific search or can fully delete all your FB history.

Before the new security feature get activated the close one or a hacker who get into your account can trace your activities now nobody can figured out any of your FB habits. Facebook team also looking up for to share your FB searches with your friends only if you like to share with them.