Facebook graph search never came up to Google : Larry Page

The search giant Google and the biggest social networking site Facebook were going through a hidden war for long time, now on Facebook graph search. CEO Larry Page repond to one analyst that Facebook graph search never came up to Google.

Facebook graph search never came up to GoogleAccording to the news it was in companies quarterly earning call Zuckerberg claimed this. Facebook is now expanding its applications beyond a social networking site. Though they are one of the best in social networking they are thinking beyond it. Introduction of Graph Search Beta by Facebook is a clear cut example for it. Facebook is using all the possibilities of social networking with this searching application to find out friends of your interest and to also find out what all things are your friends interested in and give out the result to what you ask.

Larry Page tell about Facebook graph search is that it can never reach up to Google. The search giant co-founder added that they started the search engine business since 1998, have vast database of informations than any other companies. With the help of knowledge graph Google can understand the exact meaning of searching phrases, mapping service explore the geographical world. Finally Google Now can even answer you without having a search, these all happens within around 15 years, for next 10 years can expect even more from Google.

Microsoft and Bing search result is collaborated Facebook graph search. The Facebook addiction of people is what they are aiming to make use of it to make it successful. Actually Facebook graph search brings only things you actually seen within your account, the large collection of personal data is the back bone of graph search. It can’t brings whole informations, only the elements connect to account.

In the view of a social networking user graph search is a great tool that helps the users to get the social elements much faster than normal search. It not at all like Google search, web search is entirely different, the collection of data and delivery of results.