Facebook for iOS updated with new privacy control and action icons

Facebook application is something that ruled over in app stores of all platforms. Every time the users wish to see new updation within the Facebook application as it brings new innovative features. Today Facebook for iOS updated with new privacy control and action icons.

Facebook for iOS updated with new privacy control Facebook for iOS is one of the most downloaded applications within app store. Today the small updation within Facebook for iOS brings several new features within the application. The first noticeable feature within the new updation for Facebook app is the privacy setting over your posts. Now you can easily set who can see the desired posts.

The privacy setting within new updated Facebook for iOS allows us to set the visibility as public, friends, customized list or by you. This will surely bring a better control over your posts. Also the users will have a feeling of security with the informations they have shared. This option can be accessed by tapping the download arrow that seen with the posts. After you tap on the line under the posts you can set the visibility according to your wish.

The new updated Facebook for iOS also brings one of the features that we seen with web version. That is now you can set from your action feed what you are feeling with suitable emoticon. That is the new updation brings emotions in status bar like reading, watching, listening, drinking, eating….etc. So that you can easily share with your friends what you have done actually.updated facebook application for iOS

The new updation of Facebook for iOS provides the users right tools to provide ultimate social networking experience. As we know out of 1.2 billion users 640 million users connect with Facebook through mobile applications. Facebook applications for any platform never make a bitter feeling from enjoying the social experience. Every time the popularity and usage of Facebook application increase with a constant inclination in the growth graph.