Facebook for iOS brings verified profiles and pages through updation

Facebook have just rolled out new updation for its application for iOS to bring more features. Now Facebook for iOS brings verified profiles through this updation. So now the users can verified whether the popular Facebook profiles are legitimate or not.

Facebook for iOS brings verified profilesYou can get the updated Facebook application for iOS from the app store. We use Facebook not only to connect with known people but also to get updates from popular celebrities. The 1.2 billion user record of Facebook makes it difficult to confirm whether a popular profile is real or not. Today’s Facebook application updation for iOS helps the people to confirm such profiles with a blue mark next to their names.

Facebook officially rolled out verified profiles for web in the month of May. Then the users got the chance to connect with the real FB profiles of top celebrities and politicians, also available for popular brands. Out of 1.2 billion users of Facebook 640 million used their mobiles to connect with the site. So Facebook thinks it is essential to rolled out its popular features for mobile applications also.Facebook for iOS screenshot

From today onwards whenever you searched for popular profiles using your iOS application for Facebook the result comes up with blue check mark, also comes same for popular brands. It helps you to confirm that you have connected with the real profile you wished for. Today’s updtaion also fix the problem of slow loading of new feed with some profiles. New updated place editing tool allows the users to update their categories phone numbers and other informations.

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