Updated Facebook for iOS bring hashtag search and faster loading

Today new updation comes for Facebook for iOS. Through this updation Facebook for iOS bring hashtag searchand faster loading for timelines on iPad.

Facebook for iOS bring hashtagYou can download the updated version of Facebook for iOS can be download from the app store. As Facebook for iOS bring hashtag through this updation you can search for hashtag and also you can click on them.

Hashtag within Facebook helps you to find out a large discussion and to be a part of it. The 1.2 billion user collection of Facebook makes it to the unique place for sharing news and other informations. Once you click on any hashtag it will bring you to the large discussion zone about a particular topic. You can also create hashtag on Facebook which carries a desired subject.

Facebook for iOS bring hashtag for finding out and being part of large discussion 

Hashtag feature available within the desktop version earlier. Now Facebook for iOS bring hashtag and became a part of mobile version. We knew that there are more than 640 million active mobile users for Facebook. As hashtag feature for Facebook comes to mobile version it becomes more popular within short time.

Facebook also brings restaurant reservation through pages for iOS users. Now you can reserve the restaurant seats through the official Facebook pages using the mobile devices. So that you can skip the browsing for mobile site of particular restaurant or application.Facebook for iOS

“Using their mobile devices people will able to look tables via Facebook pages for restaurants. The update represents a new way of discovering and booking great dining experiences, all within Facebook mobile app. There is no need to visit separate mobile site or application” Facebook shared through blog post.

You can also find the favorite shows and movies on TV with one tap. It can be find out through the official Facebook pages. Depending upon the engagement of users on each page Facebook gives updation about trending TV shows and movies.

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