Facebook feed now block like-baiting posts, spammy links and repeated contents

If you are a page owner on Facebook then it is better to stop asking readers to like or share your posts. New updation for Facebook’s news feed algorithm will punish such posts.

Facebook feed now block like baiting posts, spammy links and repeated contents

“Today we are announcing a series of improvements to news feed to reduce stories that people frequently tell us are spammy and they don’t want to see” shared by Erich Owens, Software Engineer at Facebook

Some posts on Facebook get more reach than actually deserved. It happens when page owner request his readers to like, comment or share his posts. But it makes bad impression on many readers, reported within new Facebook survey. The new updation for Facebook news feed will limit such posts, readers will only see right contents.

The oversharing contents and spammy links are another problem found within Facebook news feed. None of the users like to see one post again and again, found it as less relevant content. New change on news feed de-emphasize such pages and  brings only relevant contents for you.

Spammy links on Facebook uses tricky language to make you click on some links. Such links never have contents you expected other than just ads or outdated data. Now Facebook can easily detect such links and will keep away such spammy links from users.

Things to follow by Facebook page owners to avoid penalties

  • Never asked your readers to like, comment or share your posts, reach will reduce once Facebook detect such attempt.
  • Don’t share same contents repeatedly, if it is important to share one particular link again you must choose different description and different photo.
  • Never mislead Facebook users through spammy links. You must put right links that will lead users to right contents they need to see.