Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg listed as top CEO of 2013

Facebook, the social network king is now taking over every sites with new changes and innovations. In the recent survey of career site Glassdoor Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg listed as top CEO of 2013.

In last year it was the Apple CEO Tim Cook who owned this title. In the list published in 2013 he only got the eighteenth place in the list. It’s not amazing that Zukerberg owned the title this year because the popularity of Facebook have reached such a great extent.

Facebook is the only social networking site which has got such a huge personal information database with more than 1.06 billion active users. It was Mark Zukerberg, the CEO of Facebook who made this drastic revolution in the world of social networking. It is his continues effort and proper guidance which made Facebook what we see it today.

There will be a genius behind every successful ventures and its Zukerberg the man behind Facebook. His brilliant talent made him to be listed among the list of youngest billionaires in the world. Mark Zukerberg showed his high skills in managing Facebook from the time when this networking giant started its journey in 2004.

The reason for the actual success of Facebook is that it never stick on to anything for a long time. By understanding the users will it will continuously adopt new changes in the appearance, applications and services provided.

Facebook newsfeeds, time line, graph search are the clear examples which shows that Facebook knows the user mind. These changes that included newly in the Facebook is very helpful for the users to get connected and stay connected with family, friends and relatives. It even helps you to find people of your interest and type.

When Facebook came up its Apple which went down. Now in this situation we have to look forward what Apple will do to regain its losing fame. Will their new iPhone 5S make any change to their current position in the market? We can look forward for it.

It was Steve Jobs who made Apple reach top of the world. Loss of Steve Jobs was a real loss for Apple in every sense. Tim Cook the man took in charge of Apple CEO Post after Steve Jobs also managed Apple to stay in a good position with their new devices and now also we can see the iPhone dominance in the US markets. Though the current iPhone market is now in a retarding state due to the Android popularity all around the world we can expect for the change in situation with new launches from Apple.

Facebook popularity is increasing day by day. People of all ages are attracted towards this social networking site. We can see that there is about 310 million user login in the Facebook in a single day and about 8013638 links are getting redirected towards it. Mark Zukerberg have included all possibilities of Smartphone popularity to make Facebook popular. The inbuilt applications for Facebook in smartphones make it highly acceptable.

While Facebook CEO gained the top position it was SAP, McKinsey and Company, Ernst and Young, Northwestern mutual CEO’s attained the position lower to Facebook in the list of 50 top rated CEO’s.