Facebook app for Google Glass officially released

Google I/O 2013 turns to be the most awaited event of this year and it gets started from yesterday. Today the conference is focused for glass section. At this time Facebook app for Google Glass officially released.

Facebook app for Google GlassGoogle glass is the first ever wearable computing device from Google. Today the Google I/O session discuss about the various services that can offers by Google glass. The availability of Facebook application becomes keen factor of Google glass.

Through the official Facebook application for Google glass users can upload photos directly to the timeline. The descriptions and comments can be added using natural voice commands. It provides a smoother experience with Facebook. As Facebook stands on the second most position in top searchingwebsites it surely becomes an important application within Google glass.

Facebook app for Google

Other than Facebook application Google glass is pre-loaded with Titter, CNN, Evernote and Tumblr. Like Facebook application Twitter is also used to upload photos and to add updations directly to the site. Other applications also the most effective ones that today exists.

Once you get the Google glass you can access any applications from google.com/MyGlass. It can be access only through using your Google account. Google glass is also enriches with stunning games. Icebreaker is becomes the first official game for Google glass. It is officially announced in the second day of Google I/O event 2013.

Timothy Jordan the senior developer advocate for Glass also announced native development kit for developers. It is just to overcome the limitations that found with Google glass API. The development kit will effective support offline access like downloading of navigations.

The new application development for Google glass is just same as that of android. Google provide the new environment is just to make the glass applications that provide totally different functions. The developers for Google glass currently using HTML and Json to create applications. The official announcement of Google glass is not yet informed by Google.