Facebook announced detailed video analytics for page owners

Every Facebook page owners demands to have better understanding over peoples responds to their contents. Until now Facebook won’t give any detailed data about how videos within your page performing within the network. But today Facebook announced new video metrics for page owners for better understanding.

Facebook announced detailed video analytics for page owners

The new video analytics from Facebook available for page owners in coming weeks. As a page owners you can only see number of people who began to watching your video. In such a case you never get any idea about number of people who watched entire clip, unique views and duration of video views.

When new video metrics becomes available you can see info like total number of views for the videos. This number indicates the views more than three seconds or more. The info from new video metrics also includes total number of people who watched the videos, number of time a particular video watched for 95% of it’s total length.

Audience retention graph for learning the mistakes

The page owners can also check total views for a video after 25%, 50%,75% or 100% of it’s length. In such a way they can determine where to include the key messages. The retention graph from page insights shows people’s level of interests in different parts of the video. Through this data you can understand which part of the video people like the most and in which part they lost the interest.

audience retention

Ads reporting views for understanding specific audience

The break down feature within Ads reporting section show off response of specific audience for your videos. In that way you can check response of audience from specific age group or gender, becomes helpful for getting better overview on the campaign you targeting for.