Updated Nokia Pro brings exposure bracketing for Lumia 1020

Nokia Pro camera application is the backbone of Lumia 1020 camera. Today the Company Updated Nokia Pro cam application. Pro application brings exposure bracketing for Lumia 1020 Smartphone.

exposure bracketing for Lumia 1020Without having any doubt we can say that Nokia Lumia 1020 is the superior camera phone. It is to be noted that Nokia Pro application is the core of this monster camera. Pro application provides several camera controls to Lumia 1020. The new updation brings one more feature called exposure bracketing for Lumia 1020.

Exposure bracketing is a camera feature that allows to making multiple shots of a single object with different settings. It helps the users to get satisfying image from a single shot. In normal way you can take three or five images using this functionality with different exposure.

Exposure bracketing for Lumia 1020

The exposure bracketing for Lumia 1020 basically provides exposure range of -5EV to +5EV, -1EV to +1EV and -2EV to +2EV. The updated version of Nokia Pro camera application can be download from official windows phone site.

The Nokia Pro application within Lumia 1020 allows to make advanced reframing. That is it set a full resolution image in the background of that of original image. In such a way you won’t feel any quality loss while you zooming the image. The Nokia Pro application itself is the tool that allows you to make 35MP shots with Lumia 1020.

The manual focusing system within this application helps you to pint out actual area for capturing. So the foreground of the image looks much brighter than that of background. It becomes very useful in areas where you have to focus on one single object. The application allows you to make controls in areas such as white balance, shutter speed, EV value, ISO and manual focus.

The long exposure shots with Lumia 1020 at low light make a feeling of DSLR cameras. Anyway the introduction of exposure bracketing for Lumia 1020 through new updation surely raise the mobile photography with this phone to new level.