Explore the Mars with Curiosity rover video

The inventions are coming from men’s never ending curiosity. The exploration of other planets is never ending dream of human. That curiosity became reality with NASA’s curiosity robotic rover. At this time you can explore the Mars with Curiosity rover video .

NASA curiosity roverNASA’s curiosity robotic rover landed on Mars on August 6 2013.Time to time it accomplished many things which are the scientists really looking for. We also blessed to see the images of Mars as the rover had sending back the details to the earth. Now we get an opportunity to watch those details together through a YouTube details.

This particular video is created by a fan of NASA’s curiosity rover. He created this video through the joining of different images that found within NASA’s official website. The one minute curiosity video gives a real experience of exploration of Mars. It is something like a one minute travel over the red planet.

It is created through the datas from front left Hazcam. That is the Mars datas collected during the time period from 8th August 2012 to 21st May 2013. The video mainly focused for the surface of Mars. It highlights the movement of curiosity rover over the surface of Mars.

The achievements of curiosity rover

  • The striking landing is turns to be the biggest achievement of curiosity rover. Landing curiosity on Mars surface became the biggest achievement of NASA. Curiosity landed on Mars 6th August 2012.
  • The measuring of red planet radiations by curiosity rover helps the scientists to makes researches about it. Also it became helpful to make analysis for human visit for Mars.
  • After few weeks after landing the rover found out the streambed. It is something over through water flows for more than thousands of years. In such a way curiosity also confirms the presence of water on red planet.
  • NASA’s curiosity rover also makes a drilling over Martian rock. It collects samples of rocks from Mars. It helps the scientists to makes studies about Martian environment.
  • The official twitter feed of curiosity rover has more than 1.3 million followers. The twitter feed counts more than 1900 tweets. NASA also gave opportunity for public to understand about Mars through the posting of 49000 images in the official website.
  • It became the biggest achievement for NASA’s planetary science.