Expecting features of upcoming Nexus 7II tablet

Google Nexus series is the product which delivers pure android performance, both in Smartphones and tablets. You all seen with Nexus 7 tablet and it is time for the release of next generation. So here the expecting features of upcoming Nexus 7II tablet.

Expecting features of upcoming Nexus 7II tabletHopefully the 7 inch display, the high light of Nexus 7 tablet remains without any reduction in size in Nexus 7 II also. The wider screen with high clarity display was the main dominant feature which made the Nexus 7 tablet highly accepted. The 1280 x 800 high resolution display makes your gaming experience best ever since with Nexus 7 II. Nexus 7 II with thin and slim design, a battery life for more than 12 hours and easy connection to mobile network makes it comfortable to carry in a long journey.

Nexus 7 II will runs on next generation android operating system. Like every android release the upcoming one also makes the OS fast, reliable and smoother. The release of new android version thinks to be unveils in Google I/O 2013 event.

As NVIDIA had announced their Tegra 4 processors and most probably Nexus 7 II will include this processors in it with a storage of 32 GB. Main and advanced features of Tegra 4 processer makes it possible to load the pages with in seconds and make your browsing experience much better than what you never had imagined. Computational Photography Architecture included in the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor makes the camera functionalities improved from what we have in Nexus 7. This feature makes it possible to have the video calling option also much better and clear.

Inclusion of Google applications including Gmail, Chrome, Google Play, Google translate, Google earth and many more makes the application usage simple and easy. This is the best part among all other features of Nexus 7 II. Smart keyboard with a larger size which goes in hand with the wider display screen of 7 inch makes the typing simple and faster. 4G LTE network connectivity is another important feature of Nexus 7 II.

Google IO 2013Nexus 7 II tablet from Google will be the big announcement that is expected for second quarter of this year. It is also expected to be Google won’t raise the budget of Nexus 7II.