Google celebrates the day Slovakia Entered Euro Zone with Euro doodle

It was in the year 2009 January 1st Slovakia adopted Euro as their currency replacing Slovak Koruna. Google doodle on the New Year day in Slovakia was to announce this process. There was no much decoration in the Euro doodle apart from the replacement of Google letter ‘e’ with the Euro.

Euro doodle
Slovakia Enters the Euro Zone(January1, 2009)

As we can see in the caption of Slovakian Euro doodle it was on that day Slovakia entered and became the member of Euro Area.  Under the monetary rules of European Central Bank the countries under Euro Zone do the transaction with Euro currency. At the time of Euro adoption 1 Euro had the value of 30.1260SKK.

Today many countries have Euro as their currency. It is to mark the entering of Slovakia to that community Google published this special doodle on Slovakia. As it’s the New Year Day, they published special New Year doodle on other countries.

For this new change on currency of the country Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico and Finance Minister Peter Kazmiri represented the Euro group meeting. We know a glance of Google doodle can create an impact of a 1000 words essay. A man who see the doodle will understand the meaning or importance of the day in a single look. So we say that this Google doodle made Slovakians know about the move of Slovakian Government in a glance. As there were no much decorations other than the Euro replacement message of the day was clearly conveyed through this Euro doodle.

Slovakia is a country with great historical importance. There are many Slovaks in the world who became a milestone in the development of science, art, literature and technology. Market economy of Slovakia has got a great role in making stable and compete with other countries in the world.

This transformation from Slovak Koruna to Euro also market the development of country. Google, by publishing this doodle announced this change of Slovakia to the whole world.