Ertem Egilmez’s 85th Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle

Google Doodle on 18th February 2014 in Turkish homepage was specially designed to pay tribute to the famous film director, screen writer and fi,m producer Ertem Egilmez.

Ertem Egilmez's 85th Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle
Ertem Egilmez’s 85th Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle(February 18, 2014)

It’s 85th birthday of the legend celebrated with this Google doodle that you see. Depicting a image from the film comedy film ‘ Hababam Sinifi’ ,Google logo is presented in the doodle. Hababam Sinifi, Directed by Ertem Egilmez, was out in 1975. As you can see in the doodle, story is about a group of student’s in highschool who are lazy. Rifat llgas, it’s the novel which became the theme for film.

Ertem Egilmez
Ertem Egilmez(Image Credit:

Ertem Egilmez was born in Trabzon, Tunkey in 1929 February 18th. There are many successful Turkish movies behind which we can see his name in Golden letters. It’s in 1960’s and 1970’smost of his films were taken. His caliber made him successful as a producer, screen writer and also as a best director.

Tatli Dillim,My Dear Brother, Tarkan Versus the Virkings, Mavi Boncuk are some films in his name as director. Friendship, love and happenings around the world became part of his movies. The king of the street cleaners and Tosun Paşa are two films produced by Ertem. Google doodle honors his talent which made him known alaround as a best director on 85th birthday.