Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro gets a Google Doodle on 175th Birthday

Google Brazil give tribute to physician, teacher and educator of Brazil  Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro with its famous logo change Google Doodle on 12 September. Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro was born on 12 September 1839.

Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro Google Doodle
Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro Google Doodle(September 12, 2014)

Friday’s Google Doodle depicts Ribeiro in it, writing with ink pen sitting on his chair. Simple animation given to doodle makes it lively, Clicking doodle will take you to search link for Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro.

Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro

Carneiro Ribeiro was born in Brazil,at Bahia. He got primary education from the place, later moving to Capital after years in 1854 Carneiro Ribeiro got graduated.

College of Bahia was founded by Carneiro Ribeiro in 1874. Ribeiro became a well known educator by the time. He cooperated with the newly found Republic committee formed by Governor Manual Vitorino. His intention was to make good educational plan beneficial for world.

Fireside Grammar, one of his major works were out in 1890. This was reissued in 1915. Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro, his studies on the humanities, life and works has got great influence in Brazilian history. He devoted his life for teaching.

Google Doodle on his 175th Birthday is a tribute for him and his contribution to world.Carneiro Ribeiro is one of the pioneer who made possible to adapt language with correct grammar. Wording of Civil Code was analysed and published in 1905 in his guidance. Carneiro Ribeiro have lots of books regarding grammar and other topics in his name.

Carneiro Ribeiro, one of the best educator world ever seen died on 20th November 1920 at the age of 81.