How to enable or disable Windows store apps on taskbar of Windows 8.1

New Windows 8.1 update 1 include many improvements and features to make OS more familiar. The switching of Windows store apps from tasker is one of highlighting feature among them.

Once you make Windows 8.1 Update 1 the Windows store apps will appears on taskbar by default. It makes easy switching for Windows store right from the desktop. At same time there is also chances for slowing down your PC.

Enable or disable Windows store apps on Taskbar

  • Hover the mouse to top right corner of Windows 8.1.pc setttings
  • Click on settings and select change PC settings from the bottom level.PC abd Devices
  • Click on PC and devices.corners and edges
  • Tap on corners and switching
  • Turn on or off Windows store apps on taskbar from app switching.

You can also pin any application to taskbar at anytime

  • Right click on desired application.
  • Tap on pin to to taskbar
  • If one app already open within the desktop then right click within taskbar button then tap on pin to taskbar.

Show or hide taskbar while using Windows store apps

The taskbar will disappear from the screen while you using Windows store applications

  • Move cursor to bottom edge of the screen to show the taskbar.metro app
  • Tap on apps, notifications you wanted to check.
  • Move away the cursor to hide the taskbar.