How to enable notifications for new Gmail messages in Chrome

Today it is easy to recognize the type of mails as Google released new well organized inbox for Gmail. But still you will demands for going through inbox repeatedly to check whether a new mail comes or not. If still you follow this methods then try for this method to enable notifications for new Gmail messages in Chrome.

Gmail notification

Enable notifications for new Gmail messages

First of all Gmail desktop notifications available for Google Chrome. Firefox and Safari. You will have to be in sign in mode to get notifications from Gmail. You will get a pop u for each new mail arrives within Gmail after you enabling notification for Gmail.

  • Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Click on the gear icon on the top right corner.

Gmail screenshot

  • Select settings from drop down menu.
  • Select desktop notifications from general tab.

Gmail 1

  • Choose for right option from ‘new mail notifications on’ or ‘important mail notifications on’.
  • Save the changes.

When you select ‘new mail notification on’ option, you will notified when a new mail comes within your primary section of Gmail. For the second option you will get notified for all the messages those are marked as important. It is also important to allow notification from Gmail within your browser. If you are blocked notifications from sites within the browser, you won’t get notifications from Gmail.

How to change notification settings in Google Chrome

  • Click on Chrome menu from top right corner.
  • Select settings from drop down menu.
  • Chrome 1
  • Click on  ‘show advanced settings’ from bottom of the page.
  • Select content settings from the privacy section.

Chrome 2


  • Goto notifications settings from the dialogue box.
  • Select right choice from ‘allow all sites to show desktop notifications’ or ‘ask me when a site want to show notifications’, then hit on done.

Top image credit : Gmail blog