Emoticon based status composer in fb will release soon

Emoticons is the best way to making updations in social networking sites, can express the feelings much faster. Facebook all set to redesign the compose box, emoticon based status composer in fb will release soon.

Emoticon based status composer in fb will release soonEmoticons as used in every single second while we are active in Facebook,site also provides wide range of emoticons that are perfectly suits for different situations. When the usage of these special icons increases Facebook thinking of to use in a different way. Facebook statues bar is used for to inform updations from the users. In short time they can express their feelings with suitable emoticons through status bar.

Emoticons are the perfect tool to inform your friends what you are doing or feeling at that time. The new status composer of Facebook includes a number of emoticons that suitable for different situations. You just need to pick up from a number of options that suits with you. The new emoticon based status bar in fb will drop out the list when you are about to post the update.

“It is just a new way for people to visually represent what they are doing and how they are feeling through their Facebook post. It will only be available to a single set of people. This isn’t integrated into graph search. It is just a small test to see if people are interested in sharing their actions in a more visual way” Facebook team said.

Whenever you make an updation through feeling good, eating pizza, watching avatar..etc with suitable emoticon it can be easily catch by your friends, also tendency to make such updation will also increases automatically.

It is a good time for Facebook as they release graph search in January and now they added new status composer. Facebook graph search is meant for navigate the connection between people and make it more useful. As Facebook is enriches with world’s largest personal database it can easily show off the informations among people’s connections. It is the backbone of graph search.

It is thinks to be new emoticon based updations will  help graph search to get more details about the user, will delivers more results accurately. Facebook will make the global release of new emoticon based status composer in short time.