Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst gets a Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in UK honors Emmeline Pankhurst on her 156th Birthday. Google’s iconic logo change for Emmeline can be seen in Google UK homepage for 24 hours.

Emmeline Pankhurst Google Doodle
Emmeline Pankhurst Google Doodle(July 15, 2014)

Emmeline, the founder of ‘Women’s Social and Political Union’  was born on 15 July 1858. Homepage Google doodle for Emmeline illustrated a line of women walking with boards wrote ‘Google’ in it. ‘Words, not deeds’ this was Slogan of her union.

Emmeline initiated many women development programs and political activities in her life time. Her activities in Britain helped in gaining right to vote for women over there. Being a lifetime activist Emily Pankhurst supported country and society in every action.

Emmeline Pankhurst[Image]
Emmeline Pankhurst[Image]
Along with Emmeline,  her daughters Cristabel and Sylvia also actively participated in her every activities, both social and political. Christabel worked with Emmeline for Woman’s suffrage about 15 years while Sylvia left from WSPU working for few years.

Emmeline constantly traveled and gave speeches, its in Britain and United States she spend most time of her life. Among her speech ‘Freedom or Death’ have got wide acceptance. Emmeline said

” We are here not because we are law-breakers: we are here in  efforts to become law makers”

Representation of People’s Act granted the right to vote for men above age 21 and women above age 30 in 1918. Also, after weeks of Emmeline’s death Representation of People Act declared the right to vote for Women of age 21. It was on 14 June 1928 Emmeline died and on 2 July the declaration of Voting right for 21 age women passed. Emmeline died at the age 69 in London.

After her death, two years later a statue was erected Victoria Tower Garden, London in Emmeline’s memory. Google Doodle on her 156th Birthday respecting her views and social activities is honor for her from search giand. Clicking Emmeline’s doodle you will be directed to the search page for ‘Emmeline Pankhurst’.