Emil Racoviță’s 145th Birthday Google Doodle

With a beautiful doodle on Romanian homepage Google marked birthday of Emil Racoviță. Racoviță was a explorer and biologist from Romania. It’s Racoviță’s 145th birthday celebrated by this doodle.

Emil Racoviță's 145th Birthday Google Doodle
Emil Racoviță’s 145th Birthday Google Doodle(November 15, 2013)

Racoviță is mentioned to be the first ever biologist in the world exploring arctic life. Racoviță spend one full year in Antarctica for researches. In the Google Doodle for this biologist, scientist, scholar and a speleologist you can see his image inside letter O in the Google logo. In background of the logo a deep blue ocean is pictured with sharks and ice bergs floating around.

Born on 15 November 1868, Racoviță after education became a professor. In 1896 he got his PhD. Racoviță was an enthusiastic young  scientist and interested in exploring new things. This made Racoviță become member of research team for Antarctic Exploration. This journey of one year is the most notable in life of Emil Racoviță.

In ship Belgica, leading by Adrien de Gerlache, a Belgian officer , Antartic expedition started on 1896. Team for expedition was international team. Emil Racoviță and other crew members faced lot of challenges in their journey.

Undergoing through worst atmospheric condition team succeeded in  collecting data on ocean current, terrestrial magnetism and also done meteorological recordings for Antartica every day for a year in the interval of one hour.

Among the hardship faced by team, most serious one occurred in 1898 March 10. Belgica ship was caught between icebergs making the forward journey impossible. Crew carved 75 meter long canal through  meter thick ice layers and continued journey. Emil Racoviță , after completing expedition successfully returned in 1899.

Emil Racoviță is regarded to be the first person to collect zoological and botanical samples other than Antarctic circle. His research  diary and research result published in 1899 and 1900 respectively. Diary of Emil Racoviță included about the details of journey and challenges they faced.

Racoviță continued his research after this for many years. He explored more than 1400 caves and collected information. Racoviță was honored with many awards and honors during his life time and also posthumously. Romanian first Antarctic Expedition  station in named to Law-Racoviță in his honor.

Racoviță died on 1947 November 17.

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