Embed public Facebook posts to websites and blogs

Recently the social networking sharing service Instagram provided the tool to embed its posts to websites. Today the social networking giant Facebook introduced the same feature in the site. Now you can embed public Facebook posts to websites and blogs.

embed public Facebook posts to websitesEmbeding of posts from Facebook allows spreading their connections and posts with rest of websites and blogs. The embed posts will include pictures, videos, hashtags and other contents within it. It is to be noted that only public posts from Facebook can be embed to websites and blogs.

How can embed public Facebook posts to websites and blogs

  • Go to one public post that you want to embed.
  • Click on the drop down icon from the top right corner of the post.
  • Select embed post from the bottom of the menu.
  • Copy and paste the code and add it to the website or blog that you want to share with.

Embed public Facebook posts will works with all messages, images, videos and Instagram posts. Once you embed the FB post within your website or blog people can see the post just as they seen them within Facebook, They can also like, comment, click on hashtag directly from the site.embed public Facebook posts

Once they click on the link within the embed Facebook posts within your website or blog they will redirect to original Facebook posts. As we knew Facebook’s 1.15 billion user record made it as a rich database of various things. People shared the most of informations through  Facebook itself.

The introduction of hashtag in Facebook also helps the users to find out the public discussion easily. So the new embed public Facebook posts allow the visitors within your sites to follow the posts. If your site have a good number of visitors such embedding of Facebook posts also raise the value of your website. Facebook also announced that this features is now only available to a limited number of users and it will available broadly in short time.

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